Recruitment Process

  1. Trade Test

    Refer candidates
    for trade test.

    Receive trade test reports.

  2. Medical

    Refer for medical

    Receive medical report.

  3. Agreement

    Prepare foreign
    service agreement.

  4. Forms

    Obtain relevant forms
    for employer’s embassy.

  5. Visa

    Submit documents
    for visa approval.

  6. Passport

    Receive passport
    from consultant.

  7. Emigration

    Send passport for emigration if required.

  8. Papers

    Send papers for travel arrangements.

  9. Documents

    Prepare documents for clearance.

  10. Book seats

    Book seats for traveling.

  11. Employer

    Inform employer by tele/fax/email about the travel details.

  12. Dispatch

    Reception by employer.


  • 1. Employer’s document submission to Overseas Authorities by Workforce HR.
  • 2. Sourcing by Workforce HR.
  • 3. Submission of prescreen resume to client.
  • 4. Short listing of candidates by client.
  • 5. Interview and trade test.
  • 6. Salary negotiation and employment contract signing.
  • 7. Pre-employment medical checkup in country of origin.
  • 8. Visa insurance and ticketing.
  • 9. Linking candidates with employer.
  • 10. On boarding activities by employer.